Yasemin LoherBorn in 1976, Yasemin Loher grew up in hotels in places like Rotterdam, Tel-Aviv, Athens and London against a backdrop of avant-garde 70’s design, leaving a lasting influence on her sense for style. She soon learned the language of Style and the art of living – embracing the need to balance clients’ well-being without forgetting layout and space.
After graduating from School, Yasemin worked as an étalagiste making products appealing to the customers. In 2000, she became creative and sourcing coordinator for Tommy Hilfiger at its European headquarters in Amsterdam.
Moving back to Germany, Yasemin became Style Editor at German AD Magazine a role which allowed her to further develop her passion for Interior design, setting her of to a career as an independent Interior Designer to this day.

In 2010, Yasemin Loher Interiors, opened a unique showroom in the chic Bogenhauser area of Munich.
Set away in its own courtyard, the showroom has its own vibe – a special atmosphere with its own distinguished style that bears Yasemin’s signature combining an elegant mix of timeless glamour and eclectic modern chic.
Decorative objects and vintage antiques form the backdrop to a showcase of Yasemin’s own designs welcoming here clientele to step into her world of style.